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Audition Announcement!

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Open Call (Registration Encouraged)

Saturday, July 13th, 10:00am

Saturday, July 20th, 10:00am

Video Submissions Accepted (via Registration Page) Until Saturday, July 20th at 10:00am

(For Video Submissions, please use the DEBATER monologue on pages 43 & 44.)


TBD (Scheduled Individually)



Studio 60 Main Entrance (2200 Drake Ave SW Huntsville, AL 35805)

Please come prepared to read the following sides:

Show Description

When Heidi Schreck was 15 years old, she traveled around the country and participated in debate contests about the merits of the US Constitution, over time winning enough prize money to pay for college. What the Constitution Means to Me—which premiered at Berkeley Repertory Theatre in 2018, transferred Off-Broadway the same year, and opened on Broadway in 2019—is, in part, a memory play. Some moments are recreated from the fuzzy reaches of Heidi’s recollections of her time in debate contests, but others are the opposite: they are fresh and extemporaneous, made up of real arguments that the audience watches unfold in real-time. Schreck both wrote the play and starred as herself in the debut productions, sharing with audiences her deeply personal connections to the rights that the Constitution promises and the ways that it has also failed to protect her, the other women in her family, and all vulnerable groups of people. As much as Heidi’s stories are rooted in her own intimate history, theatres that mount subsequent productions are encouraged to adapt the play to their own actors, community, and the current issues of the contemporary moment. As well as critical acclaim, What the Constitution Means to Me won an Obie Award (2019, Best New American Play), an Off-Broadway Alliance Award (2019, Best New Play), and a New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award (2019, Best American Play). Additionally, it was nominated for the 2019 Tony Award for Best Play, and it was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2019.

Special Considerations

What the Constitution Means to Me includes mature subjects including discrimination, misogyny, abuse, and abortion.  Although these topics are addressed in the main body of the play rather than during "the Debate" section that includes the Debate Student, any actor auditioning for the student role should be aware of the contents of the entire play.

Intimacy/Combat Considerations

The play has moments of theatrical intimacy between the characters expressed through sincere hugs.  We will incorporate current professional standards to ensure the work will be done safely and respectfully for all cast and crew.  Renegade Players Theatre Company is committed to creating theatrical work that is consent-based and safe. 

Casting Considerations

We are looking for kind, hardworking, team first, young actors who can commit to rehearsing and performing within a professional environment and with professional guest artists. 


Debate Student15-18 year old female or non-binary actor.    This character is a smart, well-informed, confident yet respectful strong student who has a passion for knowledge, social responsibility, and the art and skills necessary for traditional, structured debate.  The director's intent is to cast 2 actors in this role, each of which will perform 3 shows.

NOTE: The roles of Heidi and Mike will be played by guest artists.

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