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About Us

Huntsville has an impressive history of theatre production.  Renegade Players Theatre Company intends to continue and expand upon that well-established tradition of excellence. We are committed to developing a professional company that compensates the entire creative team of each production: designers, technical artists, directors, AND actors. As our community grows and develops in the premier city in the South, we are ready for a local Professional Theatre Company to call our own.

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We believe that collaborative art pursued with renegade intentions, inclusion, and kindness dramatically impacts both creators and their audience by enhancing an appreciation of live theatre, and increasing the understanding of how creative-minded people add value to our world.


The Renegade Players Theatre Company elevates live human connection.  We enrich the Huntsville community through the art of theatre by focusing on inspired creativity, professional quality, and audience fulfillment.

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Core Values

We believe in dedication to our purpose, commitment to our craft, and allegiance to each other, all in support of achieving consistent excellence.
We are committed to an environment of creativity and artistic expression beyond traditional expectations for our community.
We are dedicated to a kind, ethical, and professional approach to art and business.
We are committed to the development of younger talent through experience and mentorships, as we believe it's imperative to grow and sustain arts programs in our area.
We believe in nurturing our relationship with senior citizen organizations for the purpose of enriching the lives of older adults.
We are committed to diversity and inclusivity by removing barriers to attendance and participation.
We believe that having fun and working hard can occur at the same time, and that if we’re not doing both most of the time, we’re doing it wrong.

Artistic Intent

Our organization believes passionately that the experience of artistic creation and the expressing and sharing of that art is essential to personal enjoyment, health, and the quality of our society. 

We are committed to sharing the message of WHY the Arts are imperative in education as a means to augment critical thinking, problem solving, communication, resourcefulness, versatility, discipline, and collaboration. 

We proactively seek out opportunities to share these insights with students, teachers, business leaders, community organizers, etc.  Specifically, members of our organization volunteer to speak about the Value of the Arts across the community.

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